• Mrs. Cobbey

    Monica Cobbey is starting her twelfth year of teaching at Arlington Classics Academy. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish from Christopher Newport University. She has the following teaching certificates: Spanish, Bilingual EC-4, EC-4 and EC-6. Her first three years of teaching, she taught Spanish and was the ESL teacher & coordinator at ACA. She has been on the kindergarten team for the last seven years and is starting her ninth year in kindergarten.


    She loves to travel so anyone with flight benefits may contact her to help her goal to go to every country she teaches in class. She has an inordinate fascination with mythical creatures and just recently discovered by watching the world-renowned documentary "Elf" that narwhals are actually real. Although for countless years Mrs. Cobbey has avoided glitter like the plague, she is slowly opening her teaching repertoire with glitter glue. Mrs. Cobbey is a vegetarian who will voraciously eat ethnic and unconventional foods. She is entertained by pop culture, cinema, and precocious kindergarten quotes. Mrs. Cobbey also is a frequent attendee of Broadway shows and has been known to sing a karaoke Broadway show tune or two. She loves exceptionally kind and giving people and graciously will accept classroom help!