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    *Texas Tuition Promise Fund® and

    Texas Match the Promise FoundationSM Webinar


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    Learn more about the Texas Tuition Promise Fund®, the state's tax-advantaged prepaid college tuition plan, and the Texas Match the Promise FoundationSM, a 501(c)(3) public charity offering scholarship opportunities to eligible participants in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund.

    The upcoming webinar will provide an overview of the Texas Tuition Promise Fund and information on the different types of tuition units, tuition redemption values and payment options.* In addition, the webinar will present information about scholarship opportunities available through the Texas Match the Promise Foundation.**

    Sign up for on of our upcoming webinars.

    If you have any questions regarding the webinar, please contact us at TuitionPromise@cpa.texas.gov.

    For more information about the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, visit TuitionPromise.org or call 800-445-GRAD (4723), option 5.

    * Residency restrictions apply.   

    ** Residency restrictions, age requirements, eligibility criteria, household income restrictions and contribution requirements apply.


    Participation in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund® does not guarantee admission to or graduation from any college or university. Only the purchaser may direct rollovers, contract changes, withdrawals and changes in the designated beneficiary.

    Purchasers should carefully consider the risks, administrative fees, service and other charges and expenses associated with the contracts, including Plan termination and decreased transfer or refund value. Transfer value applies to tuition redemption at Texas private colleges and universities, out-of-state colleges and universities, medical and dental schools and career schools. Match the Promise Foundation scholarships can only be used at Texas public colleges and universities, and transfer value cannot be utilized. Transfer value is limited to the lesser of (1) the costs the Tuition Unit would cover at a public college or university or (2) the original purchase price of the Tuition Unit plus or minus the Plan’s net investment earnings or losses on that amount. Orion Advisor Solutions, Inc., serves as plan manager of the Plan. The Plan Description and Master Agreement contains this and other information about the Plan and may be obtained by visiting TuitionPromise.org or calling 800-445-GRAD (4723), option #5. Purchasers should read these documents carefully before purchasing a contract.

    Contracts in the Plan are not deposits or other obligations of any depository institution. Neither a contract nor any return paid with a refund is insured or guaranteed by the FDIC, the state of Texas, the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board, any other state or federal governmental agency or Orion Advisor Solutions, Inc., or its affiliates. The contracts have not been registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or with any state.

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