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    Online Math Games/Resources

    Online Virtual Manipulatives --> 

    Math Fact Practice --> https://www.mathschase.com/




    Online Programs


    What: This is an online fact practice resource.  The program starts the students with addition facts and once they are mastered, it moves them to the next skill.

    Why: Mastering math facts will increase confidence and decrease the amount of time students will need to solve simple computations so they can focus on the other skills being taught.

    How: Students will navigate to https://xtramath.org/#/signin/student_other.  From there, they will sign in using the information provided by their math teacher.




    What: This is an online program that has multiple features and uses.  The main way aspect that sets it apart is the video feature.  When there is a topic that is confusing, there is the ability to watch a tutorial on the subject and try again.  There is also a feature called Mappers [can only be accesed by typing mappers into the url after the Khan Academy web address (if you find an easier way/shortcut, PLEASE let me know)] that allows teachers to input individual student MAP scores and it targets each student's individual needs based on their MAP scores. It also allows teachers and students to update scores each time a new test is taken.

    We are using the Mappers feature in class, as well as working through the Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade skill sets.

    Why: This allows the student to receive personalized instruction based on their current level.  If they have mastered the current topic, they will be assigned lessons that strech them and keep them growing.  If they are struggling with topics, it with scaffold (remediate) the instruction through additional lessons.  

    How: Students will sign into ClassLink.  Select Khan Academy and Sign in with Google.