• Below are all my Google Classroom Codes for each class period. Assignments that are posted on Google Classroom will be shown on the calendar linked to each class period.


    Important Note: keep in mind that the date the assignment is shown under is the due date not the day the it was assigned. 

  • 6th Grade A Day Students Class Code: tpktfjw

    6th Grade B Day Students Class Code: lwtzki6    (The First letter is a lower case L)

    Seminar Class Code: 6kfgeoo

    Algebra I PreAp Students Class Code: rkfbmn3

  • 1P Remind Code: @d869d2db8d

    2P Remind Code: @988k6849gd

    3P Remind Code: @hgc8bkc3d4

    4P Remind Code: @4kegddebgh

    5P Remind Code: @68f333g834

    8P Remind Code: @add84k467f

    10P Remind Code: @a8ka4c4h83

    12P Remind Code: @kd833k74bh


    1st and 7th Period are both FLEX classes, the same students are in both classes and as such I will try to only send out information to the 1st Period Remind. 

    3rd and 9th Period are the same as above.



  • Students are expected to show all their work for full credit on each assignment.