• PSIA Coaches will soon make decisions about which students will represent ACA at the District Meet on March 28th.


    Your child's coach will communicate these decisions to you.



    If your child is selected to compete, you must provide transportation to and from the meet and stay at Liberty Christian School for the duration of your child's events.


    Concessions will be sold.

    You are free to come and go when your child is NOT competing.

    You do not have to stay until the end of the Meet to receive any awards.  All awards that are not claimed by students will be brought back to ACA and distributed on the following Monday.


    Please consider volunteering!  

    You can serve as:

    • Contest Director:  Must attend a mandatory meeting from 7:50-8:50 on Saturday, March 28th. Must stay with the contest from beginning until end.  You can view specific time commitments on the sign up sheet.  
    • Assistant Director:  Serve as timekeeper during the event.
    • Grader or Judge: Please do NOT serve as a grader or judge in an event in which your child is competing.  You may fill this role for any other event.

    The link to the Volunteer Sign Up can be found in the February Parent Newsletter on the "Parent Newsletters" tab.  Your child's coach will also send this newsletter home.  

    If you cannot access the form, or if you have other questions, please contact Kim Neill at 817-987-1819.