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    All students face challenges, and all students should be challenged.  For the past two decades, Arlington Classics Academy has pushed the personal boundaries of every student.  ACA has established a strong academic track record earning a 94 on the most recent Texas Education Agency Academic Performance Rating compared to a district average of 77.  ACA's award-winning athletics, band, and choir programs and numerous extra-curricular activities provide our students opportunities to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, and uncover personal aptitude.  Character education and a focus on social responsibility ensure our students receive a well-rounded education necessary for success.  As a public charter school, the majority of funding for Arlington Classics Academy is through state and federal funding.  Charter schools in Texas receive less public funding than traditional school districts creating a challenge to pay for additional technology, staffing, training, and curriculum resources as well as facilities improvements and expansions. 

    Please consider making a charitable contribution to Arlington Classics Academy.  Whether a one-time gift or monthly contributions, your generous donations are an investment in your student, our staff, our facilities, and the community. 


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