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    My name is Erin Hutson and I am the teacher for Math Pod B. This is my fourth year at ACA. I graduated from Texas A&M University and I am a proud Aggie. I have had a passion for working with kids since I was little. I think it is such a neat experience to be able to learn alongside a child. I love spending time with my wonderful husband and our baby boy, playing any sport, spending time outside, and photography. I am so excited to grow with all of my students. It is going to be a great year! 
    Conference period: 8:30-9:25
     Remind: @hutsonmath


    Links for Financial Literacy in class project:

    Houses: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Arlington_TX?pgsz=48


    Cars: https://www.carmax.com/search#Distance=250&ExposedCategories=249+250+1001+1000+265+999+772&ExposedDimensions=249+250+1001+1000+265+999+772&Page=1&PerPage=20&SortKey=0&Zip=76120



     This Week:
    Monday: Class Project
    Tuesday: Credit and Interest
    Wednesday: Unplanned and Planned Spending
    Thursday: Finish Class Project
    Friday: 8:30-9:30 Class Winter Party
    9:45 Coats, Choirs, and Colors Program
    Students may wear Holiday attire (details below)
    • "Holiday attire/shirts" w/ jeans if paid for Lucky Buck
    • Holiday hats (reindeer ears, Santa caps, etc)
    • No pajamas 
    Think Through Math
    They will be required 1 hour each week and it will be due every Monday. Their first hour of TTM for homework will be due Monday, September 18th. 
    We are hoping that your child will be able to ge their 1 hour in during the school day, but if not they will need to complete at home.
    Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to see how long they have been working for the week. However, if you click on View your THINK points history (pictured below) you can roughly see how long they have been working. If it is close to an hour it will be counted. I understand it is not an exact. They are free to work on TTM more than 1 hour if they would like to do so.
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