• PSIA - Onsite Drawing 6th - 7th Grades

    During the PSIAOn-Site Drawing competition, students observe and draw a still life modelconsisting of from 4 to 7 objects. Contestants have 45 minutes at the contestsite to produce their freehand work of art to be judged by qualifiedartists/teachers and displayed in an art show during the remainder of thetournament day.

    In preparationfor this event, the ACA team practices drawing skills and techniques bothduring class as well as after school. We focus on filling the entire page,accurate proportions, adding value, and making decisions quickly as competitiontime is limited. PSIA On-Site Drawing is for students in grades 6-8.
    6th Grade:
    Caitlin Quinn
    Logan Bishop
    Mia Grubbs
    7th Grade:
    Pacy Garcia
    Payton Moore
    Libby Jantz