• Ryan Rothermel 6th Grade Social Studies
    Ryan Rothermel
    Welcome to World Cultures
    Dear Parents,
    I'm pleased to be teaching your child this year.  If you have any questions, please email me at rrothermel@acaedu.net. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.
    Ryan Rothermel
    Is there a textbook for the class?
    Yes.  The adopted textbook is called World Cultures and Geography, published by McGraw-Hill.  This book may be used to supplement the curriculum.  If the class becomes dependent on the textbook, access to the online version can be provided to your student.
    When may my student come to tutoring?
    I'm available for tutoring every day except for Monday from 7:45 to 8:25 in room 404.
    How can I keep track of my child's assignments?
    Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom, along with any instructional materials and resources required.  Your child should be able to access the site (classroom.google.com) with their ACA student gmail account and password.  Guardians can receive an invitation to classroom which will allow them to receive email summaries.  You can set the frequency of these emails to daily or weekly.  For specific instructions or questions, please feel free to send me an email.
    Is their a Remind site that I can join to receive alerts for the class?
    Yes.  You can sign up to receive Remind alerts for the class by following the instructions available here.  I use Remind less frequently in order to maintain the impact of any communication sent by this method.  If you are wanting to monitor your child's work and what is currently being studied in class, the best path for that is Google Classroom.
    If my child makes a failing grade on a test, is there a way for him/her to make it up? 
    Students who fail a test with a grade below 70 will have the opportunity to make corrections to that test within 1 week from the day of the test.  The maximum score after corrections have been accepted will be 70.  Corrections must be completed on the test correction template, available here, during tutoring before school.
    What is the grading policy?
    Per ACA policy, there are 4 categories of grades that factor into a 9-weeks average.  Daily work is 40% of the grade, homework is 10%, Tests are 40% and the 9-weeks exam is 10%.  Students should expect to take a test roughly every 3 weeks.
    What is the policy for late work?
    Per ACA policy, assignments are awarded full credit if they are turned in by the assigned due date.  1 calendar day late will result in a grade reduction of 50%.  Any assignment not turned in by the end of the 1st calendar day late will not receive credit.  In other words, 2 calendar days late = 0.
    What if my child is going to be absent or misses school?
    All assignments, materials, and other resources are posted on Google Classroom.  They can be accessed and submitted on Classroom. When absent, your student should review the class objectives, material, etc. from home.  They should also come to tutoring for instruction upon returning to school.  Students will have the same number of days that they miss due to absence to make up any work missed during that time.