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Degrees and Certifications:

Spanish Grades


Academic Grades


Students will receive a classwork grade each week they come to class. Students begin with 100 points and points are deducted as follows:

No participation (i.e. not taking notes, not completing assignments/worksheets/etc., not paying attention to material being taught, sleeping, etc.) – 10 points, up to 30 points can be deducted in a class period.

If the student receives a behavior note, they will receive a 70 for participation for that class period.

Grades will also be given for daily work.


In-class Consequences

1. Verbal warning.

2. Temporary "time out' or separation from class activity.

3. Behavior note sent home.


Conduct Grades

All students will receive a warning prior to receiving a behavior note. 

0-1 behavior notes – E (Excellent)

2  behavior notes – S (Satisfactory)

*You will be notified via a behavior note when your student receives their first conduct mark so that we can work together to improve their conduct grade.

3-4  behavior notes – N (Needs Improvement)

5+ U (Unsatisfactory)

*Please note I see your student once each week for the 9 weeks of the grading period/quarter. If they are receiving a behavior note almost half of the time I see them they will be at risk of receiving N or U on their progress report/report card.


Guidelines for SUCCESS

1. Give 100% effort. TRY!!

2. Keep comments positive.

3. Take care of our materials.

4. Be a problem solver.

5. Be safe.