• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kinder Teacher Team

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    It is updated every Friday.


    Mrs. Barton - julie.barton@acaedu.net

    Ms. Brooks - karrie.brooks@acaedu.net

    Ms. Campos- jannet.campos@acaedu.net 
    Mrs. Cobbey - monica.cobbey@acaedu.net 
    Mrs. Rodriguez - ki.rodriguez@acaedu.net 
    Mrs. Saliano - brittany.saliano@acaedu.net 
    Ms. Souder- danielle.souder@acaedu.net 
    Mrs. Stumpf - sandra.stumpf@acaedu.net 
    Mrs. White - diana.white@acaedu.net
    Red names: Pod A
    Blue names: Pod B