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    This is my 4th Year at ACA and my 16th Year teaching Science.

    Science is what makes me TICK!!!!   I hope you and your child will enjoy the Journey with me! I will post lesson plans on Sunday night so you will know what we will be doing the following week. 

     May 20-24, 2019 - Here we are at the end of the year already!!! 

    Monday: Field Day

    Tuesday: Life Cycle Activity - students need to bring a fresh, green leaf (from a tree of plant); finish the last couple weeks discussion of TX History

    Wednesday: Alphabet Soup - students will brainstorm topics we have covered this year and make an "alphabet book".

    Thursday: Students will be signing each others memory book ( we will print these for the kids); Skittles activity

    Friday: Awards Ceremony and End of Year Party!! 


     May 13-17, 2019

    Monday: STAAR Math

    Tuesday: STAAR Reading

    Wednesday: No switching classes due to 5th grade Science STAAR but all students will have content from Reading, Math & Science

    Science: Life cycle videos and fill in the blank life cycles for Monarch Butterflies & Ladybugs; read Blue Book Life Cycles

    Thursday: Lab: Stations 1 & 2: Investigate Rocks; Stations 3 & 4: Investigate Preserved Insects; Stations 5 & 6: Cheek Cell & Onion Skin Cell investigation

    Friday: Core Knowledge Middle Ages Google Slide Presentations: THEY MUST BE DONE TODAY! They have had plenty of time in class last week to complete this, but several wanted to continue working on it at home.


    Several students said they lost Week 25 and 26 Supplements, so I'll post a link here where you can make a copy - unfortunately, it's each individual page (3 pages each). We are on a very limited supply of paper until the end of the school year, so we just cannot keep making extra copies

    WK 25 pg 23

    WK25 pg 24

    WK25 pg 25


    WK26 pg34

    WK26 pg35

    WK26 pg36


     May 6-10, 2019 

    Monday: Extension Lab - Fat in Snack Food/Meaurement Lab; introduce/sign up for project for Core Knowledge Unit on Middle Ages

    Tuesday: Chromebooks - start CK Unit; go over Wk 25/26 Supplement; Skittles activity!

    Wednesay: On Defense Crossword Puzzle; students create a "page" in a book for an animal's structure/function

    Thursday: Differentiation Lab; time to work on CK unit

    Friday: Start Life Cycles 4.10C; time to work on CK unit

    April 29-May 3, 2019 4.10B Traits

    Monday: Science MAP Testing (if students finish the MAP test, they may work on their TX History assignments)

    Tuesday: 4.10B Traits- STEMScopedia,Engage Activity "Inherited traits or learned behavior?", Students receive "My Family Traits Worksheet" that will be due Monday, May 6. This will show was traits your students has inherited from you!; Time to work on TX History

    Wednesday: Explore activity - Traits Cards; National Geographic "EYES" activity; Blue Book - writing science. 

    Thursday: SNAIL Investigation! Progress Monitoring Assessment on the Elmo (group); Odd One Out; Time to work on TX History

    Friday: 4.10A & B Vocab quiz (matching); Presentations of Biography Box for TX History and Weeks 25/26 Supplement Questions Due. 


    Moon Phase Recording Sheet -  you can print another copy from this link

    On Monday, April 22, we will spend about an hour celebrating EARTH DAY in the Pecan Grove!! We will write an acrostic poem (which they are learning from Mrs. Kempken) and we will do some "math" after making observations around the Pecan Grove. Students will be allowed to bring a towel (like a beach towel), hat/cap if it's sunny, their water bottle and a snack! We will also brainstorm ways that we can all help the Earth be a little greener! :) 


    April 22-26, 2019

    Monday: HAPPY EARTH DAY! See above notification about Earth Day in the Pecan Grove (this is an "extension lab" so students must have NO missing work-if they do, they will make that up first, and I'll have a written assignment for them do about Adaptations-they know this is the incentive to participate in Extension Labs through the end of the year).

    Tuesday: Chromebook Day - We'll start with reading TX History Week 25-The Texas Frontier; Review Plant Adaptation Power Point; On Defense Crossword Puzzle; then a short "Digestion Lab". 

    Wednesday: Short video on Plant/Animal Adaptation-Structure & Function; Mimicry Card Game; time to work on TX History paper

    Thursday: Post Assessment; Watch Bird Beak Video then do the Bird Beak Lab 

    (For those that signed up, we will watch a webcast from NASA/Journey to Mars during Lunch, in my room. Students will eat in my room while we watch the webcast)

    Friday: Concept Attainment Quiz/Open Ended Response covering structures & functions. Adaptation lab/Gallery Walk - students will identify the structure and its function of several models of animals.

    April 15-19, 2019: 4.10A Structures & Functions

    Monday: Owl Pellets - structures and functions / food web; start Wk 23 TX History project

    Tuesday: Reading Benchmark

    Wednesday: STEMScopes Picture Vocabulary; Mimicry Card Game; Reading Science; On Defense Crossword Puzzle; students continue with their TX History project (due Thurs)

    Thursday: Field Trip to The Perot Museum

    Friday: Holiday


    April 8-12, 2019:  STAAR Testing; 4.10A Structures & Functions

    Monday: Astronomy Day- students will visit 6 stations investigating the planets, Mars (with 3D glasses), Meteorites vs Earth rocks; Talking Planetary Mat; "build" the solar system, and Fluvial vs Aeolian Processes using maps of the other planets - provided by NASA

    Tuesday: STAAR Writing Test

    Wednesday: District Reading Benchmark

    Thursday: Pre-assessment; read Yellow book, camouflage slideshow, then activity with a butterfly template.

    Friday: Complete Butterfly project; STEMScopes Picture Vocabulary and add vocab to journal; Content Connections Video.


    April 1-5, 2019 - 4.9AB Producers, Consumers, and Food Webs (Test will be Friday)

    Monday: Quick Write, Food Web Lab (missing work will be made up during this time, if necessary); We'll read through Week 22 TX History together

    Tuesday: Review Food Chains/Food Webs; Producers/Consumers worksheets; Progress Monitoring Assessment; Food Web Video & Content Connectioins

    Wednesday: Wolves in the Wild Video; Food Web Card Games

    Thursday: Animal Skulls Lab - identify what type of consumer each animal represents; Week 22 TX History activity

    Friday: Short review for the test (Odd One Out, vocab review); Test over 4.9AB; Pre-Assessment for Structures and Functions 


    March 25-29, 2019 - 4.9AB Producers, Consumers, and Food Webs

    *** I will be checking the Moon Phase Recording Sheet on Monday, students should continue to fill it in through Thursday, and it is due FRIDAY.

    Monday: Test over 4.8C Patterns; Quick Write over "What Patterns did you observe in nature this weekend?"; Pre-Assessment over 4.9AB (Also, final Sundial recording outside).

    Tuesday: Engage Food Web Card Game; Chromebooks: Students will do STEMScopes online and read TX History Wk 21 - if they did not do it over the weekend

    Wednesday: Oceans Alive video and questions to go with it; "Is that a Mammal?" activity; Discuss Week 21/give out timeline to begin working on

    Thursday: YELLOWSTONE WOLVES activities today and tomorrow for this unit!

    Friday: Use ecosystems posters to compare to food web at Yellowstone; video about the wolves there and how they "changed the rivers"


    March 18-22, 2018 - 4.8C Patterns on Earth (Test over this unit will be Monday, March 25)

    Monday: Counselor Lesson half the class/Go over Moon Phases Recording Sheet, Review the 4 main phases

    Tuesday: Go outside to draw the Sundial and chart the movement of the Sun across the sky (Shadows); Students use Chromebooks to do STEMScopedia, Content Connections, and Picture Vocabulary. When finished, they may start on TX History: Week 20 Texas is Annexed - they may have the website read it to them if they wish.

    Wednesday: Frayer Model of the 4 Vocab words, Go outside to draw the sundial and observe shadows, Analyze Sun-Earth-Moon Diagram and the Globe, discussing the seasons and day/night; Draw this relationship in science journals; time to work on Week 20 Cause and Effect

    Thursday: Model Moon Phases Lab and draw the phases on the Lab Report. Discuss Essential Questions that goes with this lab. 

    Friday: We will chart sunrise/sunset for a 12 month period, using our lab report, to analyze why the amount of daylight changes during the course of a year; Science Today - Watch It! video on STEMScopes; Week 20 Cause and Effect due. 

     March 4-8, 2019 - 4.8B Sun & Water Cycle 

    Students should be filling in their Phases of the Moon chart until 3/30. If it's cloudy or too cold, that's ok, just try to look for the moon in the sky as many nights/days as you can. We will check the sheet once a week in class to catch everyone up. Most weather apps show the phases and times of moon rise and moon set, which you can use if the weather doesn't cooperate, please please encourage your child to LOOK for the moon in the sky and shade it in on their sheet. Thanks! 

    Monday: Draw Water Cycle Jar; Content Connections; Play "beat the clock" from Connect the Spheres; TX History: Texas Independence Day Writing assignment

    Tuesday: Writing Benchmark; weather forecasts

    Wednesday: Blue Book - read and answer questions; Weather Forecasts; Week 18 Newspaper, finish crosswork and timeline

    Thursday: Pre-Assessment Patterns on Earth; IF SUNNY go outside and start our "Sun Dial" experiment, STEMScopes Vocabulary

    Friday: Cycles and Seasons Video - complete Science Video Report; share TX Ind Day writing assignments. 

    Feb 24-March 1, 2019 - Start 4.8B Sun & Water Cycle

    Monday: Discuss STEMScopes and fill in chart on page 63; add vocabulary to Journal; Finish China Google Slides (Kempken/Mayfield); Begin making Terrariums (water cycle jars) to observe the water cycle in under the heat lamp this week. 

    Tuesday: Explore: Students will sketch the water cycle model beginning today; Engage: Water Cycle Game - students will complete a Student Response Sheet as they play and move from table to table; TX History: Week 17 Quiz (using newspaper). Start Week 18 newspaper; sketch water cycle jar

    Wednesday: "Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" Activity; Bill Nye "Water Cycle" Video (23 min); Read over Week 18 newspaper together; sketch water cycle jar

    Thursday & Friday: Begin NASA Water Cycle Activity and introduce Connect the Spheres activity and show the Powerpoint; If weather is good, we'll go outside to make observatiions about things we observe in different spheres (water, earth materials, sun, air, living things; Progress Monitoring and sketch water cycle jar


    Feb 18-22, 2019: 4.8A Weather (Test over Weather is changed to Friday, Feb 22 to allow for one more activity); Review tools that meteorologists use; Analyze weather maps - cold and warm fronts; 

    Monday: Holiday

    Tuesday: Chromebooks to finish China Dynasty Google Slides with partner (45 minutes); Review tools that meteorologists use; Analyze weather maps/cold and warm fronts; 

    Wednesday: Weather Match Up Card game; Start Google Slide China Presenatations

    Thursday: Students create weather maps on whiteboards for review; Googel Slide China Presentations

    Friday: Test over Weather; 4.8B Sun & Water Cycle Pre-Assessment; Read Yellow Book Sun & Water Cycle


    Feb 11-15, 2019: 4.8A Weather (Test over Weather is Thursday, Feb 21)

    Monday:Daily Weather Recording; Add vocab to journal; Writing Science - Edit & Review; Discovery Ed Video: Understanding the Weather

    Tuesday: Daily weather recording; Discuss High and Low Air Pressure Systems and how they affect the weather; Students work with their partner on their Google Slide Presenation on Ancient China/Dynasty

    Wednesday: Daily weather recording; Earth Science: What makes the weather change activity; What are the types of clouds and what kind of weather do they bring?; Google Slides Presentations

    Thursday: Daily weather recording; Watch a couple live weather forecasts; analyze sets of 3 or 4 weather maps; Google Slide Presentations

    Friday: Student holiday/Parent Conferences


    Feb 4-8, 2019: Resources/Weather

    Monday: Review for test tomorrow; begin Core Knowledge Unit on China

    Tuesday: 4.7C Resouces Test; pre-assessment Weather

    Wednesday: Engage Activity!!!! Start looking at weather maps and identifying symbols using the Key.; Add vocabulary to journal and watch STEMScopes Picture Vocabulary; Start daily weather recordings.

    Thursday: Analyze weather maps with groups - watch weather forecasts and identify symbols; Discovery Ed Vidceo - Rain or Shine. Study clouds and what different types mean. 

    Friday: With a partner, Students will analyze a set of 4 weather maps (4 days in a row) and predict/share with the class what the forecast is. Then they will use dry erase boards showing the map of the US and I tell them the type of weather that is forecast- and they draw in the symbols. 

    Jan 28-Feb 1, 2019 - 4.7C Resources (Test over this Unit is Tuesday, Feb 5)

    STEMScopes: Virtual Investigation & Concept Review Game were assigned Friday


    Tuesday: Who Am I? resource identification game/lab report

    Texas History: Presentations over Week 15 newspaper

    Wednesday: Complete lab report from Explore Card Sort from last Friday; Progress Monitoring-Concept Attainment Quiz; Mr. TrashWheel Activity/Videol: Texas Histort: Week 16 Review

    Thursday: Students will create a Brochure proclaiming their Resource the Best and Why! 

    TX History: finish Week 16 Review

    Friday: Students finish their Resource Brochure.


     Jan 22-25, 2019 - start 4.7C Resources

    Tuesday: Pre-Assessment; Picture Vocabulary; Starters Game; Engage Activity - card sort.

    Wednesday: Read Yellow Book aloud pg 45-51; Read Energy Story; Venn Diagram-Renewable/nonrewable

    Thursday: "Who Am I" game - students will identify objects in a grab bag as renewable or nonrewable

    Friday: Explore Card Game - students will complete the lab report answering questions about the game

    Texas History: Week 15 Unrest in TX - to learn the content this week, students will be in small groups and each group will present a section of the newspaper to the class on Thursday and Friday. 

    Jan. 14-17, 2019

    Monday: TX History Quiz over Week 12/13 Newspapers - Students may use Review Notes on test. Frayer Model is due; Watch STEMScopes Content Connections Videos #1 and 2. 

    Tuesday: Explore Activity: Weathering Limestone Lab; students will answer Essential Questions after their lab report is completed. TX History: Start reading Week 14 Newspaper - Stephen F Austin

    Wednesday: Analyze results from lab yesterday; Progress Monitoring Assessment; Discovery Ed video: the Formation of the Hawaiian Islands (4 minutes); Finish reading Week 14 Newspaper and start crossword puzzle.

    Thursday: Intervention/Extension 

    Friday: 4.7B Changes to Land Test; Finish Crossword Puzzle for Week 14 and begin writing assignment.


    Jan. 7-12, 2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Monday: no school for students

    Tuesday: Begin 47B Changes to Land; Pre-Assessment, STEMScopes assignments on Chromebooks - along with reading Week 13 TX History Newspaper

    Wednesday: Discovery Education Video: Forces of Nature, Dynamic Earth

    Thursday: Weathering and Erosion Activities - complete lab report. Answer Essential Questions with group. 

    Friday: Complete lab report from yesterday; Quick Write; Texas History Week 14 discussion.


    TEXAS HISTORY: We will continue with Newspapers Weeks 13-16: Missions in TX, Stephen F Austin, Unrest in TX - students will be creating a Google Slide Presentation about what they have learned during this time. 


     Dec. 17-21, 2018 (Week 17) 4.7A Properties of SOIL

    ***TEXAS HISTORY CROSSWORD PUZZLES Weeks 11 and 12 are due Monday. Students had the whole class period on Thursday to complete these online/Chromebooks - but several students did not finish. Remind your child to have those ready to turn in Monday. 

    Also: Concept Attainment Quiz is due today - many finished and turned it in Friday, just a reminder to those that did not.

    ALSO: The Density Bottle that your child brought home Friday, has the cap GLUED SHUT!  Hope your child was able to explain to you how it works!!!  :)  

    Monday: Review Games for the Soil test tomorrow; TX History: start Exploration Cause and Effect Activity

    Tuesday: Soil Test; Finish Cause and Effect Acitivity, if time

    Wednesday: Watch "Kileaua - Volcano of Fire" to introduce next unit Changes to Land - and complete a Science Video Report.

    Thursday: EXTENSION: Rock and Mineral Lab - students will identify proerties of rocks and minerals. 

    Friday: Parties and Sing Along. Students are welcome to sign out/leave with parents after the sing along. 

    Have a fabulous Winter Break! 

    Dec 10-14, 2018 (Week 16) 4.7A Properties of Soil  - No New STEMScopes; but students can get online and complete any of the Learning Resources or other Assignments for Properties of Soil

    Test over this unit will be Tuesday, Dec. 18.

    Monday: Exploring Properties of Sand

    Tuesday: Intervention/Extension; TX History - Read Aloud Week 11/La Salle and do crossword puzzle

    Wednesday: Watch Bill Nye: Atoms and make a foldable about the Periodic Table of Elements

    Thursday: Chromebooks: Week 12 TX History /First Missions in TX; complete the Exploration and Timeline for weeks 11 and 12

    Friday: I Notice/I Wonder Activity; Periodic Table Activity

    Dec 3-7, 2018 (Week 15) 4.7A Properties of Soil

    THANKS to everyone who brought soil samples! We're using it tomorrow! 

    No new STEMScopes - STEMScopedia was assigned last Sunday and should be done by tonight to be ready for the Soil Labs on Monday and Tuesday. 

    Monday: Engage Activity - Investigating Soil Lab; Essential Questions

    Tuesday: Explore Activity - Soil Porosity lab

    Wednesday: Complete lab report from yesterday and analyze results. Picture Vocabulary - add vocab to Journal; Discovery Ed video: Properties of Soil

    Thursday: Science Today-Watch It! Composting

    Friday: All Tx History- Week 10 - student may read it/have it read to them online. We will start reading it in class on Wednesday/Thursday. Everyone has their login info on their Password Keeper Page in their planner. 

    Username: first initial last name 4G:  example chammons4G

    Password: griffin


    If your child needs/lost their answer key you can print one from this link:

    First People and Native American Data Collection Sheet KEY


    Nov. 26-30, 2018 (Week 14) 4.7A Properties of Soil :

    STEMScopes assignment: STEMScopedia (yellow book) online. 

    ***Please have students bring their soil sample by Tuesday, if one was collected over Thanksgiving Break! Thanks! 

    This is my tentative plan for the week - day may change depending on length of time to complete each activity.

    Monday: Starters question; Nutrients for Life Unit: Soil/Rock Unit "What do you know now?"; Soil and Rocks Video (10 min); STEMScopes Pre-Assessment

    Tuesday: "What have you learned now?"; Yellow Book pg 39-43 and complete table pg 42; Continue Nutrients for Life; STEMScopes Engage: Observe/label soil samples that students brought fromThanksgiving break.

    Wednesday: Observe samples under stereoscope (put them on an index card); Complete the lab report; Put vocab in Journal and watch Picture Vocabulary

    Thursday: Discovery Ed video "Properties of Soil"; Science-Current Events STEMScopes; observe sand samples - compare/contrast with a Venn Diagram

    Friday: Entire class will be dedicated to students Google Slide Presentation on their civilization in Africa.


    Nov. 12-16, 2018 (Week 13) 4.6D Investigating Forces

    Monday: Explore Lab - design an experiment to test forces

    Tuesday: Graph data from yesterday's lab, Mouse Trap Game!; Newton's Laws of Motion videos and students will complete a Foldable illustrating the Three Laws of Motion

    Wednesday: Extension/Intervention activities

    Thursday: Expert Line Game; This Game Reminds Me Of..... Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up - games to review the unit for test tomorrow

    Friday: Test over Investigating Forces

    Core Knowledge: We are studying Africa for a couple weeks. We learned about the geographical areas last week and will study ancient civilizations this week. Students will create a Google Slide Presentation Thursday to share after Thanksgiving Break. Mrs. Kempken is teaching them to use this app this week! 


    Nov 5-9, 2018 (Week 12):  4.6D Investigating Forces


    STEMScopes assigned: STEMScopedia

    Monday: Pre-Assessment; Starters: Fast Friction and Playground Science (if weather is good, we'll go out to the Playground to conduct this investigation); students will make a T-chart in their journal to record their findings. 

    Tuesday: Engage Activity: Student groups will investigate a "toy", make a prediction on how it works, then write down their prediction. They will test it, then present their findings to the class. Students will then use a Sentence Stem to answer a question about the investigation. If time, we will watch a couple Chain Reaction Videos to watch for "forces".

    Wednesday: CER (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) about Bowing; watch Picture Vocabulary and add vocab to journal; Play "Would You Rather?" game.

    Thursday: Zoo Field Trip

    Friday: Newton's Laws videos and students will create a foldable to show their understanding of each law. 


    Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2018 (Week 11) Bat Week Ends on Wed. Thursday: Test over 4.6BC Electricity and TEXAS History Weeks 4-7 Newspapers (students may use their notes, journals, newspapers, data collection sheet, etc. on both tests. 

    Thanks to all the parents/students that cut out bats, bat masks, and donated glitter!! Much appreciation! 

    Monday: Students will decorate and Glitter their Bat Masks!

    Tuesday: Students will have about 20 mintues to go over their presentation before we start Presentations of Bat Projects! Each student will get 3-5 minutes and should not just read everything directly from their work. 

    Wednesday: Finish Presentations.  Last 15 minutes we will review for the tests tomorrow

    Thursday: 4.6BC Electricity Test and Texas History Test over Weeks 4-7.

    Friday: Texas History Project - Students have chosen 1 of 4 projects and they will have the whole time to do this. It should be finished during this class. 

     Oct 22-26, 2018 (Week 10)  Bat Week runs Wed., Oct 24-Tues. Oct 30, If you have volunteered, with me, to help with Bat Masks - that is Monday, Oct 29. And THANK YOU! If you volunteered to send Glitter or Cut Out Masks - please send those to me by Wed. of this week so I can get everything organized! 

    Monday: Concept Attainment Quiz; Explore Part III-Electromagnets-students will draw and label and we build a demo; How does an OPERATION Game work?

    Tuesday: "What is wrong with this circuit" Activity (identify open/closed circuits); Odd One Out!, Electricity Crossword Puzzle.

    Wednesday: BAT WEEK STARTS! Watch the kids podcast from www.batcon.org; Myth or Fact activity about bats; discuss the 3 projects available for students to present what they learn over the next few days-they will be given guidelines and Rubrics

    Thursday: Podcast #2. Students will have chromebooks to research a bat they want to focus on (on the batcon.org page - Bat Profiles). Students will submit, in writing, which project they are going to do. 

    Friday: Podcast #3/4. Continue working on project (using chromebooks for part of the time).

    Oct 15-19, 2018 (Week 9) 4.6BC Electricity, Conductorss/Insulators 

    (STEMScopes STEMScopedia was assigned on Saturday and sent out as a REMIND)

    Monday: Quick Write about STEMScopedia Chapter, What makes the "Operation" Game work?; Picture Vocabulary - Engage Activity: Testing various materials of cups for insulating value

    Tuesday: Summarize Yellow Book/fill in table; Picture Vocabulary - Frayer Model with 4 words; Content Connections Video 

    Wednesday: Science Today-Watch It! - and answer questions afterwards. Discovery Ed video about electricity

    Thursday: Explore Parts I & II: Building circuits and building a circuit tester for insulators and conductors - students will complete a lab report. 

    Friday: Field Trip to the FW Zoo.


     Oct 1 - 5, 2018 (Week 8)  TEST OVER FORMS OF ENERGY 4.6A on FRIDAY

    Monday: Return and Discuss Forms of Energy Lab from last week; Energy - Motion Activity with Groups; Content Connections

    Tuesday: Steve Spangler "Sound Toy"; Start making Energy Foldable; students use chromebooks to take picture of something in my classroom representing "Energy", then type in all the the types of energy used/produced by that object and "Submit"

    Wednesday: Finishing making Energy Foldable; demo: Laser and Baby Powder!!!!; Concept Attainment Quiz and Quintuple Bubble Map for Energy

    Thursday: Post Assessment; Odd One out; "Identify types of Energy" - all as review for test tomorrow

    Friday: 4.6A test of Forms of Energy and Pre-Assessment over Electricity


    Sept. 24-28, 2018 (Wk 7)

    Monday: Test over 4.5B Mixtures; Pre-Assessment 4.6A Forms of Energy; discuss Yellow Book reading

    Tuesday: Starters; Brainstorm about the object at your table and how it relates to energy; 

    Wednesday: Picture Vocabulary; Frayer Model-pick 4 words and make a four-square.; Motion Acitivity (on Elmo)

    Thursday: Story of the "Frisbee"; EXPLORE Activity: Boxes 1 & 2!! 

    Friday: Measure/graph salwater jars; Bill Nye ENERGY - Science Video Report 

     Sept. 17-21, 2018 (Wk 6)

    Monday: Quick Write: Where did the condensation on the metal can come from?; Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up Game; BrainStew Mixture or Solution Video (Disc Ed); Students will complete a Science Video Report; Picture Vocab (STEMScopes) and glue vocab in journal.

    Tuesday: Identify Mixture or Solution with 12 picture cards; Homeogeneous or Heterogeneous Mixtures???  Discuss with group; Messing with Mixtures Gallery Walk (practice with tools)

    Wednesday : Mixtures Lab: each group will have materials and tools and must discuss and decide with tools to use for with items. Students will complete a Double Bubble Map comparing/contrasting Mixtures/Solutions

    Thursday: Begin collecting data on a data table of our saltwater jars; Mid-Unit Assessment for Mixtures.

    Friday: Intervention or Extension 


    Sept 10-14, 2018 (Wk 5): 

    Monday: Finish Science MAP Testing

    Tuesday: Phase Change Lab, metal cans/ice cubes - Students complete data table and graph data; read "Changes from Heat-I Am an Ice Cube" - Quick Write: I Am an Ice Cube; investigate types of insulators

    Wednesday: Read Yellow Book for Mixtures; watch Content Connections on STEMScopes and Picture Vocabulary - put vocab in Journal

    Thursday: Trail Mix Lab-students complete a bar graph - "Where is Adreienne Block (Antarctica) " and what is she learning there?

    Friday: Parent Conference Day/Student Holiday


    Sept. 4-7, 2018 (Wk 4):  Hopefully, by now, all students have been able to log in to STEMScopes.  They must click "Learning Resources" tab at top to access some assignments (STEMScopedia, CLOZEing in on Science, Concept Builder, Picture Vocabulary, Reading Science B, and Math Connections B).  Today, I assigned Reading Science B, which will be under the Learning Resources Tab, PLUS, two games: Concept Review Game and Virtual Investigation.  These 2 games are just for Review if your child needs it. 

    Tuesday: Folder Games for Review

    Wednesday: 4.5A Matter Test - OPEN BOOK. Students may use their journal.

    Thursday-Friday: Science MAP Testing  (If MAP testing is delayed, we will continue on with the next unit 4.5B Mixtures)

    TEXAS HISTOTRY: We will discuss Week 2 Newspaper (students were supposed to read it over the weeend) and we will complete the Crossword Puzzle together. Begin using the Online Resouces to analyze how Texas Oil changed Texas and the world. 

    Aug 27-31, 2018 (Wk 3):  Please don't worry if you are having trouble logging in to STEMScopes - we are working on it. I will show the Picture Vocabulary during class Tuesday.

    ALSO: Please understand that these plans are "flexible" depending on what happens during the week. Sometimes, we may need to take a little more time and sometimes we may be ready to move ahead. All content will be covered! 

    Monday: Tools and Measurement Gallery Walk: students will visit all station to read/practice measuring objects on the triple beam balance and read a graduated cylinder. All students will watch a short video on the proper way to do this before the lab. 

    Tuesday: Discovery Education Video: Matter and Properties; watch STEMScopes Picture Vocabulary; SWAT Vocabulary Game. 

    Wednesday: Read aloud story in Blue Book and answer 5 questions. Various activities for "Classify Matter". 

    Thursday: Progress Monitoring Assessment; Intervention/Extension Activities

    Friday: Science MAP Testing today and next Tuesday, Sept. 4.  OPEN BOOK TEST OVER 4.5A on WED. Sept 5


    We will analyze a variety of maps including: population distrubution, energy resources, and geographic data. 

    Start Week 2 Texas History Newspaper: Where in the World Are We? Geography of Texas.

    We will take an "Open Newspaper" test over Week 1 on Wednesday. All notes can be used. 

    Watch a Video from Tx History Online re: hurricanes. Describe Regions in TX including landforms, climate and vegation, compare geographic regions of TX with regions of the US. 


    Aug 20-24, 2018 (Wk 2):  I have really enjoyed getting to know all our new Grififns!  We are starting our first units in science and Texas History this week.

    Monday: Pre-Assess 4.5A Classify Matter; Read Yellow Book pg 1-4 and discuss "What is a Chemist?"; Hands-On Acivity "Mystery Matter Box".

    Tuesday: Discuss Properties of Matter from Monday; Magnetic Properties Engage Activity-groups will investigate Magnetism; students will complete a Safety Quiz with their shoulder partner/group.

    Wednesday: Quick Write from Magnetism Lab; Picture Vocabulary on STEMScopes, then add Vocabulary to Science Journal.

    Thursday: Discuss Safety Quiz; watch short videos on how to use triple beam balance, graduated cylinder, and spring scale, along with pictures on Elmo of the tools. Demo of how to use tools with student helpers; Start Tools Foldable.

    Friday: Complete Tools Foldable and assign "Reading Science" in Blue book and answer questions 1-5.

    TEXAS HISTORY: Week 1 Newspaper-Finding Texas (on a map) and learn to read various types of maps; color in regions of TX and add to Journal; read through the newspaper and complete the Crossword Puzzle. Week 2 Newspaper: Where in the World Are We? How oil changed Texas, discuss maps of regions; label and color in map. 

    Aug 14-17, 2018 (Wk 1): We will be getting to know each other, organizing supplies, learning Behavior Expectations in all the common areas in the building, and doing a little science! Please check your child's folder for any paperwork that needs to be filled out and returned to school. We appreciate all you do!