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    The Great Kindness Challenge

    May 6th-10th

    It is always a great time to spread kindness!

    All students are encouraged to participate in daily challenges to show kindness to...

    Monday - Your family

    Tuesday - A friend

    Wednesday - Your teachers

    Thursday - Someone outside of school

    Friday - Our school


    "Don't Forget to Feed Me"

    May 8th from 4:00-5:00 PM


    Bring a bag of dry dog or cat food and come help us fill Ziploc baggies to
    donate to Don’t Forget to Feed Me. Students will also be able to color pictures
    to place in the bags with the food. Intermediate students should also bring their
    planners so we can sign off on their Griffin Goodfellow forms.

    Parents must be present for non-StuCo attendees.