Welcome to Fourth Grade!
    Yellow Team: Brenda Padilla & Margo Scott (TL)
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     Fourth Grade Team
     Back row (from left): Mr. Eisenhower, Mrs. Padilla, Mrs. Aguirre, Mrs. Mayfield
    Front row (from left): Mrs. Thomasson, Mrs. Kempken, Mrs. Hammons, Ms. Scott

    Message to Chaperones for upcoming field trip:  

    Hello Chaperones,

    Thanks for volunteering to chaperone our Ft. Worth Zoo field trip on Friday, October 19, 2018. Please read and return the district's guidelines notice before Friday. 

     Thanks Again...See you at the zoo! 

     ----------Blue Team----------
    ELAR - Mrs. Stephanie Thomasson website
    Math - Mrs. Leigh Ann Aguirre website
    Science/Social Studies - Mr. Cliff Eisenhower (scroll to the bottom of this page for information)
    ----------Green Team----------
    ELAR - Mrs. Crystal Kempken website
    Math - Mrs. Julie Mayfield website
    Science/Social Studies - Mrs. Cheryl Hammons website 
     ----------Yellow Team----------
    ELAR/Social Studies - Mrs. Brenda Padilla website
    Math/Science - Ms. Margo Scott (website link coming soon)
    ---------------------- Science  -------------------
    Ms. Cheryl Hammons, Mr. Cliff Eisenhower, Ms. Margo Smith
    What are properties of different MATTER that help us describe them?
    What role(s) does MATTER play in our lives?
    How is MATTER related to other areas of science (e.g., ENERGY?)
    What are ways that MATTER relates to the success of other organisms and Earth? 
    smaller questions: what parts or types of CLASSIFYING MATTER are most important to students? 
    what effects does MATTER have on Earth?
    what positive & negative effects do we HUMANS have on the MATTER?
    ------------ Texas History & Core Knowledge------------
     Mr. Cliff Eisenhower, Mrs. Cheryl Hammons, and Mrs. Brenda Padilla
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