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    We want to thank you for your interest in volunteering at ACA; volunteers are the heart of ACA. Volunteers make so many things possible that would either go undone or have a great budgetary impact. The volunteer’s efforts directly enrich our children’s educational experience at ACA.


    Thank you for volunteering








    Information & Instructions for the Volunteer Packet


    When are volunteer packets accepted?


    Volunteer applications are accepted during regular ACA business hours, twice per school year:


    • July 15 through September 15 of each school year
    • January 15 through February 15 of each school year

     If either September 15th or February 15th occurs on a day the administrative offices are closed, the deadline for submitting applications will be the prior business day.


    If a volunteer application is received outside of these dates and times, other than an application related to a newly enrolled students, it will be destroyed for reasons of privacy for the applicant. Incomplete applications or those lacking a copy of the driver’s license cannot be processed and will be destroyed for reasons of privacy for the applicant. 


    Applications received outside of the regular application periods which pertain to newly enrolling students must be received by ACA central administration within 10 business days of the student’s enrollment. Applications related to newly enrolled students that are received outside of these guidelines or are incomplete and not corrected within the 10 business days will be destroyed to protect the privacy of the applicant.


    Who must apply to be a volunteer?


    • You are performing volunteer work and may be unaccompanied at any time by an ACA employee while performing your volunteer duties. (examples: drop-off and pickup, Dad’s Club, classroom help, cafeteria help, field day help, field trip chaperones, auction, )


    How do I apply to be a volunteer?


    1. Read the volunteer packet that is provided with the application. 

    2. Sign and date page 2 of the volunteer packet

    3. Complete The Declaration Statement on page 10 of the volunteer packet and initial each item

    4. Complete the Arlington Classics Academy Volunteer Application on page 11 of the volunteer packet

    5. Complete the DPS Computerized Criminal History Verification Form on page 12 of the volunteer packet, and

    6. Provide a legible copy of your government issued ID along with the preceding 3 items

    7. Turn in all items to the Office of Human Resources, ACA Administrative Offices, 5206 South Bowen Road, Arlington, Texas 76017 or email them to volunteer.services@acaedu.net. 


    Incomplete applications, failure to attach a copy of your driver’s license,  or failure to include the required email address will result in your application not being processed and it will be destroyed.



    How long does the process take?


    Please allow two to four weeks for the processing of your application. Every effort will be made to process your application in a timely manner.


    What happens if I have a criminal history that appears during the DPS Computerized Criminal History Verification process?


    The Director of Human Resources reviews the criminal background information and determines volunteer eligibility for each applicant based on the Criminal History and Background Review Procedures. Criminal history remains on a person’s criminal record for a lifetime.


    If an applicant fails to indicate that they have a prior criminal history, either by not answering the question or by indicating “no” when in fact criminal history for the applicant exists, the application will be denied. The type of criminal history does not matter in this instance as importance is placed on a complete and proper declaration by the applicant.


    How will I be notified of my eligibility status?


    Eligible applicants will be emailed a notification once their volunteer application has been validated and their name has been placed on a registered volunteer list. A valid email is required to complete the volunteer application. Ineligible applicants will be emailed information about the appeal process.


    How often does ACA require a volunteer to reapply?


    Volunteers are required to complete a new volunteer application each school year.


    If you have any questions, please call the district administrative offices at 817-987-1819.