What is happening in the art world at ACA? I invite you to find out.
    I teach K through 2nd grade art.
    • Kindergarten -Introduction to art and getting to know one another by drawing themselves and things that they like. 


    • 1st grade - Introduction to art and reviewing primary and secondary colors.  We have discussed portrait, and family portraits.  The students are drawing a family portrait along with any pets they may have.  Families are all shapes and sizes, and so it is the discretion of the student how he/she decided to draw their family portrait. 


    • 2nd Grade -Introduction to art and reviewing primary and secondary colors. This week we will be exploring different kinds of lines and making repeating patterns with them. This creates a beautiful array of colors and design.

    What's happening in ART?
    Leonardo da Vinci painted his portraits with character and personality which was not common in Renaissance times.
    For example: The Mona Lisa
    Coming events:


    Contest Opportunities!
    Stock Show Art Contest
    or look under Fort Worth
    Stock Show.
    Frogs are green Contest
    Let me know if you would like help with these. Enjoy your creative side!!


  • Kimberly has a BA in Art from Eastern Kentucky University and a Masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth. Kimberly is certified through the state of Texas in teaching. Entering her nineteenth year of teaching and fourteenth year at ACA, Kimberly will be helping the students build on the skills they learned from her last year. She teaches K – 2nd grade Art classes and works in doing the curriculum for the ACA Art Program at Arkansas. She helps to coordinate the Young Masters Art Show providing ACA with beautiful artworks displayed from select students throughout the year. Kimberly has been an active volunteer working with children,has had three photographs published, and is currently helping to illustrate a children's book.