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    Supplies for 2019-2020 school year - these need to be brought to class daily
    All math classes
    Gridded spiral
    Protractor —- 6th and 7th only
    Pencils-lots with working erasers
    Colored pencils
    Book cover -- If receiving hardbook, waterproof bag for all math books is recommended.
    Glue stick
    Grading pen
    1 inch binder for toolkits
    5 subject college ruled spiral for notes
    grid spiral for homework
    pencils and erasers
    2 packages 3x5 100 count index cards white
    -12 inch ruler instead of protractor
    scientific calculator for home use
    Loose leaf notebook paper
    Donation for the classroom
    Index cards
    Hand held vacuum
    Lead-0.7mm and .05mm mostly 
    Colored pencils
    Pencil top erasers