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    A great place to start for parents is the new Math4Texas website put together by Region 11's Math Initiative. 
    Below you'll find pages (left column) that include two links for each Topic in enVision math.  The first file as a .pdf file of the Home-School Connection for that topic.  The second file is a .png file that shows of a snapshot of the teacher's guide for that topic, specifically the "Focus on Content" section.  Some topics have a third file which are links to a Khan Academy video(s) about that topic (Note: Khan Academy videos are referred to as supplemental aides and do not replace or supersede a teacher's instructions or Pearson resources).  We hope that these links will better help you understand the math concepts your student is learning.
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    5th Grade               
    Two websites that you can use to access enVision math materials are www.pearsonrealize.com and http://dashweb.pearsoncmg.com/main.html.  The first site is an the homepage for enVision math and includes videos, games, and other related content.  The second site is a user-friendly interactive student textbook.  Both sites use the same login information that was sent home by your student's teacher.  For those parents that couldn't make it to the math information meeting held on 9/18/14, a link to the presentation can be found here, a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions can be found here, and a summary of the changes to the TEKS can be found here.
    If you would like to help your child learn his/her facts, there are plenty of great websites available for online practice (http://www.multiplication.com/resources/online-tests-and-quizzes) if you don't have flashcards.  This site has self-correcting timed tests in all four operations to help your child learn his/her facts.
    Another resource you can use to access help for your student is the Pearson BouncePages app available on any smart device (iOS or Android).  By downloading this app and using it to scan the BouncePage symbol (the representation of an eye found in the top right corner of the second page of each lesson - after the Solve and Share but before the Independent Practice), you can access more online tools to assist with the lesson.