• Facilities Department
    Welcome to the Facilities Department! We strive to keep the schools safe, clean and running smoothly.
    Keith Nolley,
    Coordinator of Facilities
    Mr. Tapia,
    District-wide Services
    Mr. Nguyen,
    Intermediate School Campus
    Mrs. Golden,
    Primary Campus Custodian
    Ms Perez, 
    Primary Campus Custodian
    Mrs. Parnell-Keplinger,
    Middle School Campus Custodian


    Keith Nolley, Coordinator of Facilities - 
    Keith is responsible for coordinating and supervising the work of employees in general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, and equipment. He ensures we stay in compliance with city, state and local codes.
    Keith joined ACA in 2019. Prior to joining the Griffin tribe, he served as a school facilities supervisor for 25 years in local private schools as well as the city of Grapevine.