Coalition Seal

Arlington Mayor's Education Coalition

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  • About the Seal

    At the heart of the Mayor's Education Coalition is community partnership.

    The logo represents the outcomes we expect from strong community partnerships that will provide every Arlington citizen access to excellent educational and career opportunities. The golden character represents the businesses, nonprofits, educational and governmental institutions of Arlington and surrounding areas locking arms with the students (blue character with graduation cap) enrolled in the many outstanding public and private institutions of learning from childcare organizations all the way through college. Together, they form the familiar Arlington star which shines brighter (golden star points) when our diverse community works together (#WeAreArlington).

    The characters and star rest on a representation of a book of knowledge whose pages move out in different directions. This is to signify that our strong foundation comes from recognizing that each student has an individual path to take (traditional, college, work study, trades training) and each partner is part of the success of an individual student.


    ACA is an inaugural member of the Mayor's Coalition

    By taking the pledge, we are committed to supporting our community's effort in providing educational services from the cradle to career through:

    • educating our stakeholders on the benefits of Arlington's robust continuum of educational services, both public and private
    • partnering with Arlington's schools to ensure families have access to an excellent education from infancy to adulthood.
    • support the tearing down of barriers that might exist for Arlington residents

    ACA is proud of it's 20 plus years of service to Arlington and the surrounding communities.