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  • The COVID Dashboard includes any student, teacher and/or staff members who are test-confirmed with a COVID-19 infection and participated in any on-campus activity during the previous Monday-Sunday while presumed contagious (the last day on campus if within 48 hours of symptoms or COVID positive test if asymptomatic).

    The dashboard will be updated on Mondays for the previous Monday-Sunday.  ACA is using this reporting timeline so that the data displayed in this chart will match that which a viewer can see in the state reporting system.




    •  Beginning of Year Resources

              ◊ One Stop Shop - Dates and Times Parents Need to Know for Beginning of Year (posted 7/30/21)

              ◊ Traffic Information Videos:  Primary drop off  -

                                                          Primary pick up   -

                                                          Intermediate drop off/pick up    -


     •  Public Forum on COVID Protocols: August 18, 2021  Recording Link

    •  Parent University: Friday, Aug 6, 2021  Recording Link 


Last Modified on September 30, 2021