• Homework & Health




    Homework and Health seeks to help every student develop skills to become independent in the areas of homework completion, studying, leadership and evolving into healthy individuals. Activities are designed to facilitate the development of each student, enabling them to achieve their highest potential.




    1 Student   - $260 per month

    2 Students - $495 per month

    3 Students - $730 per month

    4 Students - $950 per month




    H&H registration is on a first come first served basis. The program is offered to students in grades K-8th. To register your child, go to the ACA Website under the “Families” tab and select “Homework and Health”.  Complete both (2) forms.  You should receive an invoice within a few business days.  Submit payment to reserve your student’s spot. As space fills up, grades will become wait listed. If your child’s grade is posted as a wait-list, please you will not receive an invoice until a spot is available.




    Program Information:

    All additional H&H program information can be found in the H&H Parent Manual 

    For additional questions, email your campus coordinator 

    Primary Campus:  hh.primary@acaedu.net 

    Intermediate Campus:  hh.intermediate@acaedu.net 

    Middle School Campus:  hh.middle@acaedu.net