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Free Online Safety Parent Resources

Arlington Classics Academy is continually committed to developing an atmosphere of trust among our parent community, in our ability to provide not only a positive and enriching educational experience but a safe place for students to thrive too.  A main school priority, student safety includes online activities both in and outside of school. The internet provides a valuable educational tool however, it also includes risks. 

ACA has partnered with Linewize, a leading global provider of online safety products and education, to provide security safeguards for our students and devices.  Linewize has also created an educational hub for parents and teachers containing articles, videos, courses, and more, to ensure you know how to keep your kids safe online. 

Parents and staff can access Arlington Classics Academy’s Online Safety Hub through the link below.  The Safety Hub will contain the latest online trends, guides, game reviews, and timely articles, created by digital wellness and online safety experts from the perspective of child development.

This hub is controlled and vetted by experts in the field of online safety for students. Information is often provided by a third party and may not always reflect the values of ACA.


Click on the link below for an introductory video by Mr. Sims.

Mia Russo